Views of our Parents (and children):

(quotes from Facebook reviews and parent surveys)

"This is the second nursery we have tried in this area. It is far and away the best. The teachers are dedicated professionals (most are also Montessori trained in addition to EYFS training) who are obviously enjoying their work with children, and who are committed to Lemon Tree in the long term. In other words, unlike the other nursery we tried which had huge problems with staff turnover, the teachers at Lemon Tree know us, we know all of them, and most importantly they and the children know each other. Every week my partner and I talk about how relieved we are that our son is at Lemon Tree, and how confident we feel in the care and attention he is receiving there. They also have an enormous outdoor play area with real grass and trees, not just a carpark covered in astroturf.  The children are given many opportunities for outside play and they integrate natural learning with their Montessori curriculum. I would recommend this place without hesitation."  review on Google

"We switched from a day nursery to the Lemon Tree hoping for a great learning environment which was fun and safe. We couldn't have made a better decision...it has been great to see her excited to go in and have fun while developing so many amazing new skills . We especially love the effort that goes into ensuring parents are part of the learning journey with updates and create accessible ways to monitor development." -  review on Facebook

"My daughter loves going to Nursery. She's learned so much and has made some friends. She enjoys all the activities they offer especially outdoor play and any water activities. The teachers are all lovely offering help and advice when needed." - review on Google

"Our youngest son has flourished since starting at the Lemon Tree Montessori. The nursery provides a wide variety of Montessori activities and my son is clearly learning a lot whilst he is there. The nursery has proven itself to be much attuned to my son’s needs, weaknesses and strengths, which has helped him flourish. They respond very well to him as an individual and all of the teachers have taken time to get to know him. He loves attending the Montessori; his first question to me every morning is “Mummy am I going to school today? I couldn't recommend it more highly." - review on Facebook

"My daughter loves going to the Lemon Tree. Her first question in the morning is "is it a school day". She has developed so much since going there and she loves her teachers and is happily making new friends. She enjoys all the activities and she attended her first nativity service in December and she still sings the songs even now - in January!" -  review on Facebook

"Our daughter is REALLy enjoying being at the Lemon Tree, we've noticed a big and very positive change in her in less than 2 weeks!" - Parent's feedback

"Our child has enjoyed his time at Lemon Tree immensely. The staff have been excellent during his time there and should be commended for the way they interact with the children."  - Parent's feedback

Please contact us to arrange the visit to view our facilities and to register your child to attend Lemon Tree Montessori.

Email: info@lemontreemontessori.co.uk